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Time passes too quickly!

So I’ve realized in the past couple weeks that babies grow up very, very fast.  After Emily was born, I blinked and suddenly she was somehow two years old.  Her birthday was on Feb 1st, and I cant believe its already been that long since she arrived.  I had always intended on being very good at taking pictures and documenting every little boring thing she does, but all of a sudden she’s two years old and I have a massive amount of completely disorganized pictures that people never see because I’m really bad at posting and sharing them, and a nearly empty baby book.

And so, I’ve decided to start this site to try and serve two main purposes, one to try and keep our extended family included on the boring day to day stuff that is the hardest for them to miss out on, and two, so we will have a record of sorts where we can keep track of milestones and fun memories in one place.  I wish I had started this two years ago, but such is life.  I’ll try to add posts with old pictures and the memories that went with them occasionally too.

For now I’ll end with a picture of Matt and Emily catching snowflakes on their tongues after a fun trip to Target the other night.  All this snow we’ve been getting lately can be a pain, but its been pretty fun and exciting too!


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