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You’re Two Years Old

Emily, you’re two years old now!  You are 32 inches tall, and weigh around 26 pounds.  At your two year checkup you were right around the 60% for height and weight.  Your hair is getting long, and is still curly, and your eyes are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!

You love eating breakfast, but aren’t all that interested in dinner.  Your favorite foods right now are hot dogs, carrots, yogurt, and your absolute favorite is ice cream, any flavor.  You sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy now to eat.

You love playing with your dolls, and you especially like to sit them at your little table and feed them snacks.  You give them different names every time we ask you what their names are, last night you named them “Juice” and “Big Juice”.  You LOVE singing happy birthday, and its the first song you ever really “sang”.  Your favorite part is picking someone to sing it to.  Every time you see a cake in a store or on TV you start singing happy birthday.

Your other favorite toys are your trains (choo-choos).  You have Emily, Gordon, Percy, Duncan and James and know all of their names.  Emily is by far your favorite, and you can identify her a mile away.  You like to watch Thomas in the mornings, and playing on your new train tracks.  Daddy built you a table for the tracks and painted it just like the Island of Sodor.

You go to sleep around 8pm every night and wake up around 6:30-7 in the morning.  You take a nap from around 12:30 until 3 most days.  You are a great sleeper and pretty much never wake up overnight!  You love to read books at bedtime, but usually pick the same ones.  Your favorites right now are Sam the Minuteman, Look at Me 1-2-3, Baby’s First Word Book, pretty much any book about trains, and of course your all time favorite, Brown Bear Brown Bear.  You take it to sleep with you every night.

You say a bunch of words now, and will put funny sentences together that even Mommy and Daddy are amazed you know!  You recently went through a phase where when you wanted more of something you would smile and say “Mo Shooeeee”, which didnt make a lot of sense, but was adorable, ha ha.  You’ve sense moved back to saying please.  You have great manners and are very polite and say please and thank you.  You love to give hugs!  You know your grandparents and love looking at pictures of them and talking to them on the phone.   You love talking about your friends at “school”, and the ones you talk about the most are Emma, Ally, Addison, Elliot, and Valerie (you call her Blaby).  You miss your favorite teacher Miss Abby quite a bit, but really like your other teachers, Miss Carly, Miss Bridget and Miss Linda.

You are growing up so fast, and I have loved every minute of the past two years with you!


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