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Today marks the first day of our ski trip to Utah! We are driving up to Plattsburgh today so Emily can stay with my parents (Ga-Ga and Pop-Pop) while we go. Tomorrow we fly out of Albany to Salt Lake City, yay! I’ve been really sad about leaving Emily for so long (we fly back to Albany next Saturday) but last night as Matt and I were packing I started to get really excited about it. Skiing used to be such a big thing for me, but not going at all the past few years I had started to forget how much I enjoyed it. Plus Emily’s going to have such a great time with her grandparents, I think the vacation will be good for her too!

We are staying at the base of the Canyons resort (Red Pines Condominiums I think), and plan on skiing there, Park City, and Deer Valley. And possibly Alta and Snowbird depending on how exhausted we are, ha ha. I’m definitely out of shape for skiing but hopefully I can still hold my own. My boots still fit, so that’s a start.

Drive is going smoothly so far, aside from the fact that someone decided that socks and shoes are optional…


We are still trucking along, and are driving through some pretty nice snow, which is only making me more excited to ski! We stopped at Macdonalds for lunch and Emily got to play in the huge indoor playground they have there. She climbed all the way to the top and had a lot of fun wandering around all the tubes and coming down the smaller of the two slides. She was a little nervous at first but after surving one ride she got the hang of it. Here are some pictures from the adventure

We also stopped quickly at the Crossgates mall in Albany, where I browsed for MacBooks and Matt and Emily shared an Orange Julius strawberry-banana smoothie, yum! The Easter bunny was there too and we thought about getting pictures, but it seems like Emily is taking after her mom and wasn’t too keen about getting that close to him…


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