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And Baby Makes Four

And I’m back. Again. And determined to do a better job keeping up with this. I have all the more reason now, since Saturday morning I found out I’m pregnant with number two! Its been a crazy week, and I had sort of half suspected, but a couple negative pregnancy tests put the thought out of my mind. Well, a few more days passed, and I figured just to make sure I’d check again, and sure enough, here comes number 2!

Based on several (I’m sure very reliable) iphone apps, my due date is calculated to be January 29th, 2011, putting me at 5 and a half weeks pregnant today. As soon as I got the positive test, I immediately thought that it was a boy, but this may have the been the blue lines on the test (as opposed to the pink ones on the test that introduced me to Emily).

Emily is recovering well from her surgeries, on Thursday my poor girl had her tonsils and adenoids out, new ear tubes put in, a bronchoscopy, and an endoscopy with biopsy. We all spent the night in the hospital on Thursday, which was a loooong night for poor Em. We had a tough time getting her decent pain relief on time, and she was pretty miserable because of it. Finally on Friday around lunchtime they got a dose of her pain medicine in her and she perked right up!

Since we’ve been home she’s been doing MUCH better, drinking well, eating some, and has been acting like her normal happy self. Saturday was a little rough, she had a pretty high fever at one point, and got pretty lethargic and sad, which led to a trip back to the Dupont ER (ugh.) After many (many) hours, we made it back home around 3am, and Emily’s been doing great since, just taking tylenol. She still had some times where it hurts her, but tylenol seems to be doing the trick when she needs it.

All in all, I’m glad all the procedures are done, and once she recovers from all this, we really hope this makes her feel a lot better! Her tonsils were apparently “huge”, and her ear tubes were clogged, blocking in an acute infection. The bronchoscopy did show one branch off the main branch of her right lung to be a little “floppy” at the opening, and they are hoping that treating any possible infection in her lungs will clear up the mucous and help the “floppy” section. The cultures take up to 6 weeks to come back, so we’ll know fairly soon what, if anything, is growing in there.

The endoscopy showed some nodularity (bumps) in her duodenum, which could be a symptom of an acute infection, or an indication of either a food allergy or celiac disease–the biopsy should help narrow down the cause, and we should hear back on that in another week or so. While you never want your child to go through any medical issues, all these things are minor, treatable, and wont affect her quality of life long term, so for that we are grateful and happy! Hopefully the info coming in the next few weeks will help us make her feel even better!

So anyway, there is our crazy weekend, and hopefully we’ll be updating much more regularly now! Here are some pictures from Emily’s hospital adventures:

Here she is on the way to the hospital Thursday morning, looking cool in Daddy’s sunglasses

Eating ice cream shortly after surgery.  Poor kid, this was shortly before all the numbing medicine and morphine wore off.  Ouch!

Happy Girl!

Sleepy baby with Daddy coming home from the ER on Saturday


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