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Elliot the Imaginary Friend

So at the wise old age of 2 and a half, Emily already has her first imaginary friend.  His name is Elliot, and he wears a blue shirt, blue pants, has blue hair and skin, but drives a red car.  He apparently likes sesame street napkins, and he mostly sits quietly on our couch. 

The other day I was cleaning up upstairs and Emily found a pile of sesame street paraphernalia from her first birthday–baby Elmo napkins and plates, etc.  She found them (the napkin in particular) and kept telling me repeatedly, “thats Elliot’s, Mommy!”.  And then she kept telling me she needed to give it to Elliot.  When I asked her where he was, she told me “downstairs”, and then she threw the napkin down the stairs for him. 

I went back to cleaning, and she kept playing with Elliot’s “things”.  Later, we went downstairs and when I saw the napkins littered on the stairs, I remembered her new friend and asked her where he was.  She then led me over to the couch and pointed at the empty spot next to Tucker.  It was a little creepy, but mostly very cute, and when we later asked her more about him, she told us how blue he was, but that he drives a red car.

I hope to learn more about Elliot soon!


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