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So I am finding lately that we are really struggling to get Emily to bed at a decent hour, and its taking its toll on her.  Tonight during dinner (which was embarrassingly at 9pm somehow) she just absolutely melted down, which is really bizarre for her, and asked, ASKED, to go night night.  The poor thing was just exhausted.

I feel like we try hard to get things together and get her in bed early, but somehow time FLIES between 7 and 9 and we’re always super late.  I think my new plan is going to be trying to have dinner cooked and eaten by 7pm.  Just typing that seems absurd and almost impossible, but if she is fed by 7, then bed by 7:30-8 must be possible.

This coming week my mom will still be visiting and watching Emily during the days for us which is a tremendous help, and hopefully we will use this to our advantage and get her in bed progressively earlier.  We’ll see how it goes…

On another note, our house looks AMAZING now, my poor mother worked like a dog weeding and mulching all around our house and it looks so much better I can’t begin to describe.  We had really sort of let it go lately, and we noticed recently that our house was starting to look abandoned, so all her incredibly hard work was much, much appreciated!  Will post a picture of how great it all looks tomorrow.  For now, new baby needs sleep!


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