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Pregnancy Update

So I am officially 32 weeks as of Tuesday.  Up until a couple weeks ago everything had been going really smoothly, and this pregnancy had been completely uneventful.  But apparently when it rains it pours, and the past couple weeks have been pretty crazy!

Two weeks ago, at 30 weeks, I went for a routine ultrasound with my parents, just to check for signs of early labor.  Thankfully, no signs of labor, but unfortunately they found a large cyst in the baby’s abdomen.  The perinatologist on that day (Dr. Carlson) couldn’t pin down where the cyst was coming from, so he referred me to the fetal diagnostic and testing center at CHOP to spend a day getting checked out.

We had a loooooong weekend waiting for that appointment, but went there on Monday the 13th.  After a couple ultrasounds and a fetal echocardiogram, and meeting several different doctors, the general consensus was that the cyst was likely on the baby’s ovary.  The good news is that ovarian cysts in baby girls don’t pose much of a risk to the baby, the worst case scenario is that the cyst could twist, or hemorrage, and she would end up losing the ovary.  Obviously something sad, but thankfully we have two, and the Drs said it wouldn’t affect her overall fertility much, if at all.

At that point we were given the options of draining the cyst in utero, which has risks similar to an amnio–infection, early labor and delivery, etc., or we could wait and see what happens to the cyst.  We chose the second option, and returned a week later for a repeat ultrasound.  At the second ultrasound they found the cyst was mainly unchanged.  At 7cm it is still quite large (a “whopper” the fetal surgeon said) but not really affecting her in any way in utero.  At this appt we met a few more of the doctors (Dr. Bebbington and Dr. Kahlek–high risk OBs, and Dr. Scott Adzick, the chief of pediatric and fetal surgery) and the decision was made that we should deliver at CHOP so that the baby could be examined immediately, and would be watched carefully at the NICU  there just in case.  Then when  she’s a could days old the plan is to perform laproscopic surgery to remove the cyst and try to preserve as much ovarian tissue as possible.

We left CHOP with appts to return in one week on the 27th for an ultrasound, and again the following week to complete my “trasfer of care”.  I saw Tara at my regular OBs office that night and she agreed that the plan to deliver at CHOP made sense.  No matter where I delivered the baby she would likely get transferred there, so if I could deliver there too it would allow me to stay close to her right after birth.  At this point we felt good, we had a plan, the baby was fine and happy, and thankfully the problem they found seemed to be minor and easily fixable.

Then, the next morning as I was walking into work I stumbled on some loose gravel and fell in the parking lot, landing square on my (very large) belly.  I was pretty shaken up, and called my regular OB who sent me straight to Bryn Mawr to get checked out.  Matt came and picked me up and off we went.  They were waiting for us when got there, and immediately got me changed and hooked up to monitors which showed that the baby was fine, but I was unfortunately having regular contractions.  They sent me down for an ultrasound, mostly to check on the placenta (coincidentally I have an anterior placenta this time around, which means my placenta is right across the front of my belly and took the brunt of the fall) and to look for signs of preterm labor.

Thankfully everything on the ultrasound looked fine, but the contractions were coming fast and furious and werent slowing at all, so the Drs at Bryn Mawr starting talking to me about the possibility of delivering the baby pretty shortly.  They immediately gave me  a shot of steroids for the baby’s lungs, and we discussed the cyst and the new plan where I was supposed to deliver at CHOP.  Unfortunately they cant transfer a mom in active labor, so if it was going to happen, it was going to happen at Bryn Mawr, and the baby would be transferred as soon as she was stable to CHOP’s NICU.  Thankfully, she is a healthy 5 lbs already, so wouldnt be dangerously small, but because of the cyst, we really wanted to avoid having her at 32 weeks!  And at that point they were talking about a C-Section, which would mean the baby and I would be separated for days while I recovered at Bryn Mawr, and she at CHOP-ugh!!

To Be Continued…


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