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So I am finding lately that we are really struggling to get Emily to bed at a decent hour, and its taking its toll on her.  Tonight during dinner (which was embarrassingly at 9pm somehow) she just absolutely melted down, which is really bizarre for her, and asked, ASKED, to go night night.  The poor thing was just exhausted.

I feel like we try hard to get things together and get her in bed early, but somehow time FLIES between 7 and 9 and we’re always super late.  I think my new plan is going to be trying to have dinner cooked and eaten by 7pm.  Just typing that seems absurd and almost impossible, but if she is fed by 7, then bed by 7:30-8 must be possible.

This coming week my mom will still be visiting and watching Emily during the days for us which is a tremendous help, and hopefully we will use this to our advantage and get her in bed progressively earlier.  We’ll see how it goes…

On another note, our house looks AMAZING now, my poor mother worked like a dog weeding and mulching all around our house and it looks so much better I can’t begin to describe.  We had really sort of let it go lately, and we noticed recently that our house was starting to look abandoned, so all her incredibly hard work was much, much appreciated!  Will post a picture of how great it all looks tomorrow.  For now, new baby needs sleep!


Elliot the Imaginary Friend

So at the wise old age of 2 and a half, Emily already has her first imaginary friend.  His name is Elliot, and he wears a blue shirt, blue pants, has blue hair and skin, but drives a red car.  He apparently likes sesame street napkins, and he mostly sits quietly on our couch. 

The other day I was cleaning up upstairs and Emily found a pile of sesame street paraphernalia from her first birthday–baby Elmo napkins and plates, etc.  She found them (the napkin in particular) and kept telling me repeatedly, “thats Elliot’s, Mommy!”.  And then she kept telling me she needed to give it to Elliot.  When I asked her where he was, she told me “downstairs”, and then she threw the napkin down the stairs for him. 

I went back to cleaning, and she kept playing with Elliot’s “things”.  Later, we went downstairs and when I saw the napkins littered on the stairs, I remembered her new friend and asked her where he was.  She then led me over to the couch and pointed at the empty spot next to Tucker.  It was a little creepy, but mostly very cute, and when we later asked her more about him, she told us how blue he was, but that he drives a red car.

I hope to learn more about Elliot soon!

And Baby Makes Four

And I’m back. Again. And determined to do a better job keeping up with this. I have all the more reason now, since Saturday morning I found out I’m pregnant with number two! Its been a crazy week, and I had sort of half suspected, but a couple negative pregnancy tests put the thought out of my mind. Well, a few more days passed, and I figured just to make sure I’d check again, and sure enough, here comes number 2!

Based on several (I’m sure very reliable) iphone apps, my due date is calculated to be January 29th, 2011, putting me at 5 and a half weeks pregnant today. As soon as I got the positive test, I immediately thought that it was a boy, but this may have the been the blue lines on the test (as opposed to the pink ones on the test that introduced me to Emily).

Emily is recovering well from her surgeries, on Thursday my poor girl had her tonsils and adenoids out, new ear tubes put in, a bronchoscopy, and an endoscopy with biopsy. We all spent the night in the hospital on Thursday, which was a loooong night for poor Em. We had a tough time getting her decent pain relief on time, and she was pretty miserable because of it. Finally on Friday around lunchtime they got a dose of her pain medicine in her and she perked right up!

Since we’ve been home she’s been doing MUCH better, drinking well, eating some, and has been acting like her normal happy self. Saturday was a little rough, she had a pretty high fever at one point, and got pretty lethargic and sad, which led to a trip back to the Dupont ER (ugh.) After many (many) hours, we made it back home around 3am, and Emily’s been doing great since, just taking tylenol. She still had some times where it hurts her, but tylenol seems to be doing the trick when she needs it.

All in all, I’m glad all the procedures are done, and once she recovers from all this, we really hope this makes her feel a lot better! Her tonsils were apparently “huge”, and her ear tubes were clogged, blocking in an acute infection. The bronchoscopy did show one branch off the main branch of her right lung to be a little “floppy” at the opening, and they are hoping that treating any possible infection in her lungs will clear up the mucous and help the “floppy” section. The cultures take up to 6 weeks to come back, so we’ll know fairly soon what, if anything, is growing in there.

The endoscopy showed some nodularity (bumps) in her duodenum, which could be a symptom of an acute infection, or an indication of either a food allergy or celiac disease–the biopsy should help narrow down the cause, and we should hear back on that in another week or so. While you never want your child to go through any medical issues, all these things are minor, treatable, and wont affect her quality of life long term, so for that we are grateful and happy! Hopefully the info coming in the next few weeks will help us make her feel even better!

So anyway, there is our crazy weekend, and hopefully we’ll be updating much more regularly now! Here are some pictures from Emily’s hospital adventures:

Here she is on the way to the hospital Thursday morning, looking cool in Daddy’s sunglasses

Eating ice cream shortly after surgery.  Poor kid, this was shortly before all the numbing medicine and morphine wore off.  Ouch!

Happy Girl!

Sleepy baby with Daddy coming home from the ER on Saturday

Back Again!

So looks like I wasnt so great at my first attempt at “blogging” about our family.  Oh well, its always worth trying again!  Lots to catch up on since Christmas, visits to all Emily’s grandparents, Easter, and tons of little interesting things I wish I could remember.  For now, heres a picture of Emily and her pretty eyes.

My pretty baby

More tomorrow.


Were here in the Albany airport, waiting for our flight to Detroit, where we switch planes and head to Salt Lake City. We are at the airport bar, enjoying a beer and watching the USA hockey team take on the Canadians for the olympic gold medal. Things aren’t looking good for the Americans unfortunately.

It was really hard to leave Emily today, I was surprised at how emotional it was. I know she’s obviously in good hands, and this trip will be really good for Matt and I, but it still just feels unnatural to leave your baby behind.

She is already having a ball with Ga-Ga and Pop-Pop, so far they’ve had what looks like a very fun tea party and some lunch. Here are some pictures of the tea party courtesy of Ga-Ga.

Our flights our a little delayed but we couldn’t care less, it’s nice to be on vacation…


Today marks the first day of our ski trip to Utah! We are driving up to Plattsburgh today so Emily can stay with my parents (Ga-Ga and Pop-Pop) while we go. Tomorrow we fly out of Albany to Salt Lake City, yay! I’ve been really sad about leaving Emily for so long (we fly back to Albany next Saturday) but last night as Matt and I were packing I started to get really excited about it. Skiing used to be such a big thing for me, but not going at all the past few years I had started to forget how much I enjoyed it. Plus Emily’s going to have such a great time with her grandparents, I think the vacation will be good for her too!

We are staying at the base of the Canyons resort (Red Pines Condominiums I think), and plan on skiing there, Park City, and Deer Valley. And possibly Alta and Snowbird depending on how exhausted we are, ha ha. I’m definitely out of shape for skiing but hopefully I can still hold my own. My boots still fit, so that’s a start.

Drive is going smoothly so far, aside from the fact that someone decided that socks and shoes are optional…


We are still trucking along, and are driving through some pretty nice snow, which is only making me more excited to ski! We stopped at Macdonalds for lunch and Emily got to play in the huge indoor playground they have there. She climbed all the way to the top and had a lot of fun wandering around all the tubes and coming down the smaller of the two slides. She was a little nervous at first but after surving one ride she got the hang of it. Here are some pictures from the adventure

We also stopped quickly at the Crossgates mall in Albany, where I browsed for MacBooks and Matt and Emily shared an Orange Julius strawberry-banana smoothie, yum! The Easter bunny was there too and we thought about getting pictures, but it seems like Emily is taking after her mom and wasn’t too keen about getting that close to him…

You’re Two Years Old

Emily, you’re two years old now!  You are 32 inches tall, and weigh around 26 pounds.  At your two year checkup you were right around the 60% for height and weight.  Your hair is getting long, and is still curly, and your eyes are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!

You love eating breakfast, but aren’t all that interested in dinner.  Your favorite foods right now are hot dogs, carrots, yogurt, and your absolute favorite is ice cream, any flavor.  You sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy now to eat.

You love playing with your dolls, and you especially like to sit them at your little table and feed them snacks.  You give them different names every time we ask you what their names are, last night you named them “Juice” and “Big Juice”.  You LOVE singing happy birthday, and its the first song you ever really “sang”.  Your favorite part is picking someone to sing it to.  Every time you see a cake in a store or on TV you start singing happy birthday.

Your other favorite toys are your trains (choo-choos).  You have Emily, Gordon, Percy, Duncan and James and know all of their names.  Emily is by far your favorite, and you can identify her a mile away.  You like to watch Thomas in the mornings, and playing on your new train tracks.  Daddy built you a table for the tracks and painted it just like the Island of Sodor.

You go to sleep around 8pm every night and wake up around 6:30-7 in the morning.  You take a nap from around 12:30 until 3 most days.  You are a great sleeper and pretty much never wake up overnight!  You love to read books at bedtime, but usually pick the same ones.  Your favorites right now are Sam the Minuteman, Look at Me 1-2-3, Baby’s First Word Book, pretty much any book about trains, and of course your all time favorite, Brown Bear Brown Bear.  You take it to sleep with you every night.

You say a bunch of words now, and will put funny sentences together that even Mommy and Daddy are amazed you know!  You recently went through a phase where when you wanted more of something you would smile and say “Mo Shooeeee”, which didnt make a lot of sense, but was adorable, ha ha.  You’ve sense moved back to saying please.  You have great manners and are very polite and say please and thank you.  You love to give hugs!  You know your grandparents and love looking at pictures of them and talking to them on the phone.   You love talking about your friends at “school”, and the ones you talk about the most are Emma, Ally, Addison, Elliot, and Valerie (you call her Blaby).  You miss your favorite teacher Miss Abby quite a bit, but really like your other teachers, Miss Carly, Miss Bridget and Miss Linda.

You are growing up so fast, and I have loved every minute of the past two years with you!